Monday, June 07, 2010

Mr DeShields Goes to Oakland

With an unexpected five-hour window in Northern Cali, A Delino decided to check out that other Northern Cali ballpark. It might not have the best view. Or that sea air. But you'll be amazed at what $50 can get you in Oakland.

Though the first $14 is gone the second you enter the parking lot. $14!!!! Luckily, you can not beat the walk (especially for a cheapskate like me who usually parks by the LA Police Academy)

I had given up all hope on finding a scalper until seconds before I paid full price. "WHO NEEDS TICKETS?" I paid the gentleman $20 per for THIS!

It did not take long to understand why Moneyball exists. For one thing, the entire upper section is covered. Apparently, the As have given up on selling a single ticket north of the 200 level.

Their video screen is smaller than my smallest TV, complete with late 70s two-bit graphics consisting of hands clapping and the word "Go." The As actually pride themselves on their frugality, with ads that trumpet "We don't buy teams, we build them." Last I checked, fans are happier with real victories over moral defeats... and don't get any thrill from small payrolls (just ask those ten Marlins fans).

Perhaps strangest of all, the bullpen was right on the field. No walls. No protection. No problem.

But what the stadium lacked in glitz and big-name players, it made up for in BOOZE. So much booze.

And I saw something which you'll never find in Dodger Stadium.

Best of all was The Field (which wound up costing me two innings... but how often can you drink Guinness at a Twins game?)

I finally left when I realized this was not in fact a real pub...

All in all, it was a perfect day of baseball. Fifteen rows behind home plate for $20. Supernachos. All sorts of beer. Though I will deduct points for their fans. While leaving early to make my flight, I passed by a group of kids playing at the MLB 2K stand. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NINTH INNING OF A ONE RUN GAME.

If my kid did this, he would no longer be entitled to the fine DeShields name.

Sidenote: I also survived a visit to the most dangerous place on Earth - A Raiders Store.

But I did get my son a shirt that will make him the most feared kid at daycare.


Kyle Baker said...

"We don't buy teams, we build them."

Right - for OTHER teams.

Thanks for Andre, As!

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Their farm system is for export only

Bryan said...

i went to school up north and went to a couple of A's games. the best way to save on parking is to take the BART. public transit takes you right to the stadium

Kyle Baker said...

^And allows you to get absolutely hammered on all that quality beer being offered.