Monday, June 07, 2010


I had a couple of hours in the morning last Saturday and decided to bake in the California sun waiting in line to meet John Ely. There seemed to be about 100 people there altogether and the line was rather long when we arrived. I did happen to see and say hello to Roberto from Vin Scully Is My Homeboy who was really nice. And yes, he did correctly guess my ethnicity.

Most of the people there were having baseballs signed, however I did see one guy with that fake John Ely Sports Illustrated cover that someone photoshopped. Once inside (and finally out of the sun), there was a limit to one item a person and a picture with Ely in front of the table. Ely was nice and we had a nice conversation. Mrs. Cora confirmed that his dad really didn't come to Wrigley Field to watch him pitch. Kinda funny. The other cool thing was that KABC gave out tickets to either that night's game or the Sunday game. I can't really make out the name on the signed ball, can you? Anyhow, thanks John!

The mass of people for Elymania.

John with the unbuttoned shirt. The women are swooning.

What does that say?


MR.F said...

Puerto Rican.

Bam. What's my prize?

Josh S. said...

"Jacob Brumfield 48"

Roberto Baly said...

@ Alex It was nice seeing you! :)

@ MR. F - Wrong!

MR.F said...

If SoSG Alex Cora isn't Puerto Rican, that means he's NOT THE REAL ALEX CORA. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. My world has been turned upside down.

Kyle Baker said...

Hold it together, Mr F. This Smonkstakes is getting to you, I'm afraid.

Neeebs (The Original) said...


I thought we all bleed Dodger Blue on this blog, no?

Greg Zakwin said...

Cora- I'm pretty sure we were like 5 feet apart in line. Granted, I'm just judging from one pic.


Alex Cora said...

KempKershaw: Oh Damn! In front or back of us? Were you that annoying kid talking about fantasy baseball?

Greg Zakwin said...

Cora- No, I was not talking fantasy baseball haha. Wouldn't telling you where I was give away my identity, perhaps?

We might need to finish this conversation though e-mail haha, protect our anonymity and what not.

I'm still a bit angry though that I couldn't find Roberto from VSIMH and you did.

Oh, and when I recap the event in a day or so, you'll know who I was. Probably.