Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Confessions of a Dodger Fan - The Bet

A new season is upon us which also means a new season of trash talking, finger pointing, and chest thumping with our unfortunate acquaintances from up north that call themselves Giant fans. I have a colleague at work that I just found out is a huge Giant fan. Poor guy. He was bagging on my Dodger love and all I had to do was remind him of that empty World Series trophy cabinet (to which another colleague and dodger fan stated, well played sir, well played). So things escalated to the point where someone said "put your money where your mouth is" and thus another season with a wager on the line.

Here is the bet. If the Giants win the division, I have to wear Giants gear (which he will provide and I will promptly burn) and must bring him dinner at work and stay for at least 2 hours to hang my head in shame. He, of course, will wear Dodger gear and he must bring me dinner at work and stay for at least 2 hours if the blue crew wins the division. If neither team wins the division, no punishment is given. We were going to just bet some money, but we decided that humiliation is the way to go.

So, Dodger community, what are your bets this year? What are some of your humiliating bets that you have either won or lost? Believe me, it will be EXTREMELY difficult for me to wear that Giant shirt. But, I am confident that we have the team to win the division this year, despite all the controversy with pitching and lack of free agent impacts this off season. I'm getting excited for the season. Lets Go Blue!


Kyle Baker said...

"If neither team wins the division, no punishment is given."

No, that would indeed be punishment not to win the division.

Good luck with your bet. I haven't talked much trash (outside of this space) so I'm not locked into any risk yet. Today's game and Spring Training (hell, the off season) didn't instill inspire much confidence in me.

I was feeding off RB's optimism, but now that it appears to be waning, it's threatening to drag me back to cruel reality.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Things could be worse, Dusty. You could be Mike Dunleavy.

I believe Kim Hughes will be the interim GM now.

Rob said...

Apparently at my office, ritual humiliation involves "Hello, Kitty" gear. This includes cellphone skins, which must be used for a period not to exceed one month.