Thursday, March 25, 2010

Interpret My Peter Gammons Dream

Get out of my head, Peter Gammons!

I'm in a small airplane being piloted by Peter Gammons.

I think, Isn't he a bit old to be flying an airplane?

As if on cue, Gammons goes into Vomit Comet mode, dive-bombing the aircraft up and down. I close my eyes and try not to puke.

Eventually he settles down and the ride smooths out. I take a peek.

The view is beautiful. Sky and clouds and vapor trails.

As we land, we pass through a field of airplanes which are made entirely of clouds.

On the ground, I try to convince people of the planes made of clouds. No one believes me.

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cloud photo from Humor at Why Be Normal?


Steve Sax said...

I was going to tell you how disturbed I was that you are dreaming of Peter Gammons, but I then I remembered it's better him than Matthew Morrison.

Kyle Baker said...

You struggle with East Coast Media Bias angst, even in your sleep.

Greg Zakwin said...

But Matthew Morrison is SOOOOO dreamy.


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

You are worried that Gammons will tank and MLBN, but he will end up working out very well.

Steve Sax said...

I actually am excited for Gammons on MLBNetwork, I think he's a great steal for the upstart network. Good for him, bad for ESPN.

Betsy said...

At least you weren't dreaming of men covered in Jello ;)

Orel said...

Oh, I just left that part out.

Eric Karros said...

I sometimes dream about boobs too.

Nostradamus said...

Peter Gammons represents conventionaal baseball wisdom, and the plane and flight represents the impending season.

You are concerned that the tepid media evaluation of the Dodger's off-season is more accurate than you would like to admit.

The clouds are the unknown. They are revealed to be other planes, illustrating that other teams are also facing equal or greater uncertainty. No one believes this because we are all so focused on our own issues that we can't appreciate that other fans are doing the exact same thing as we are, right now.

Also, try not eating cheese after 10pm. Just sayin'.

Nostradamus said...

Coincidentally, I aslo sometimes dream about boobs

Kyle Baker said...

I think Mr. C may be onto something. Mr. C, do you ever have similar dreams re: Rafael Benitez?

Nostradamus said...


I had a dream the other night that was basically the chase scene from "The Meaning of Life", but instead of busty women, it was all (tragically) busty Rafas.

It probably shortened my lifespan by 6 or 7 months.