Thursday, March 18, 2010

Think Good Thoughts: Vin Scully Hospitalized

From NBC Los Angeles (via VSIMH):

Famed L.A. Dodger Announcer Vin Scully was hospitalized Thursday night due to an undisclosed ailment, a family representative has said.

He was transported from his home in Hidden Hills to West Hills Hospital and Medical Center.

The family spokeswoman said "he’s going to be okay." No other details were given.

From what we know of Vin, he's probably not thrilled this is in the news. But that won't stop us from wishing him the best. Get well soon, Vin!

UPDATE: From Josh Rawitch:

I just spoke with him a few minutes ago and he said that he simply got out of bed too fast this evening and fell and bumped his head and so for precautionary measures, he was taken to the hospital and will stay overnight for observation. However, he wanted to assure everyone that he's fine and that he expects to be at Camelback Ranch this weekend for the telecast on Sunday.

As you can imagine, he appreciates everyone's concern and I can assure you, he sounded just like he always does...

UPDATE: From @LADodgers:

Vin Scully is now home safe & doing just great! :-)


"Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers and I apologize for any concern that I caused," the 82-year-old Scully said through a statement released by the ballclub. "Most importantly, I'm looking forward to Sunday's game, my first of the spring. Thank you and see you at the Stadium!"


Kyle Baker said...

Not what I wanted to hear right before bed. :-((

Hope it's minor and short-lived.

NicJ said...

Dylan reported via his Twitter feed that vin got out of bed to quickly and fell and bumped his head. Sounded pretty minor and the hospital stay was precautionary.

Whew. Get well soon Vin.

Fred's Brim said...

throw a steak on it, Vin!

I heard he will be out a CB Ranch this weekend

Josh S. said...


rbnlaw said...

Goddammit. This is how Chick went down.

Live, Vin. Live.