Friday, March 26, 2010

SoSG March Madness - Final Four Set!

Looks like there will be no repeat champ. Nor will there be a Quad vs Loney Fan matchup. What there will be, however, are a lot of J's in the Final Four. Here's the updated bracket:

And here are the bets still in play:

  • Dusty Baker: MLASF, Brazilian Dodger Fan, Fred's Brim, Meaniebeanie, rbnlaw, Keven C
  • Josh S: Mr Customer
  • J Steve: Mr F
  • Jason: Curious Gene

So I'd just like to note that we're down to four guys who, in the last half-round, took an average of 1 minute to comment. And since we don't have a second hand in our timestamps, here are the very-possibly-relevant tie-breaker rules:

  • The timestamp of two adversaries who comment in the same minute will be treated as identical, regardless of which came first, except in the case where the two comment in the same minute in both halves, and the same adversary was first both times. In that case, that player wins.
  • If the net difference in a matchup is zero, there will be a third OT comment-time post (i.e., "Final Four, Overtime: Comment-Time!"), relevant only to those that tied. It will be posted sometime within the same or the following day of the previous comment-time post. Whichever adversary comments first will win.

I think that takes care of tiebreaker possiblities. If not, or if unclear, ask here. Otherwise, relax over the weekend, then be back to hovering mode Monday!


Josh S. said...

If Dusty and I make it to the finals, and then tie, we'll have to find a new place to live. Our families will have tossed us out.

Nostradamus said...

Damn, Dusty certainly seems to be in control of the betting line.

MR.F said...

So if Dusty wins, which of his harem gets the prize?

rbnlaw said...

Since I lost to DB in direct competition, I fell it only fitting to take the prize.

I know, I know. Seemingly random lottery will be used.

Nostradamus said...

Given context, I think Jell-o wrestling should at least be considered for the tiebreaker.

Kyle Baker said...

Josh, if that would be the case, we should definitely start looking for a two-bedroom flat somewhere in between Pasadena and Glendale (Eagle Rock). Cause I know I would get the heave-ho. I'm just thankful I'm free this weekend, and can recover my health that was sapped during the last round.

Jason said...

I'm just glad EK set the round of 8 for early today so I had time for my fantasy baseball draft. Looks like Broxton, Ethier, His Royal Thighness, and FJL (rounds 6, 9, 11, and 20 of 26 total rounds) will have to carry me. Missed out on Kershaw when he went 2 picks before Bills and Manny going one spot after Bills (and this was an east coast, non-Dodger fan league where Kemp went 8th overall and Beard/Chin mode in round 24). I also ended up with former Dodgers J.D. Drew, Adrian Beltre and Derek Lowe in rounds 16, 22, and 23. I consider the draft a success since I participated remotely from a bar while enjoying several nice, cold Blackhook porters and stayed sober enough to avoid drafting Juan Pierre in the last round for laughs (took J.A. Happ to fill my one P-bench slot, instead).

Kyle Baker said...

Interesting draft, Jason. Thx for the update. Looking forward to seeing how Beltre does, both in real life and in your fantasy world.