Monday, March 22, 2010

STSSGT: SS vs. Angels/SS @ Brewers, 1p

Eric Stults throws in yesterday's game. He pitched three scoreless innings but gave up three earned runs in the fourth.

Andre Ethier dives in the sixth inning.


The Dodgers finish up a testing four-day, six-game stretch Monday with simultaneous split-squad games, plus a Minor League game. In a game against the Brewers at Maryvale, likely Opening Day starter Clayton Kershaw will pitch the bulk of the innings, with Russ Ortiz following. At Camelback Ranch-Glendale against the Angels, Rule 5 pick Carlos Monasterios starts, with relievers Jonathan Broxton, George Sherrill, Jeff Weaver and Justin Miller on the list to pitch. And in a camp game, Charlie Haeger is scheduled to pitch five innings. Haeger, Monasterios, Ortiz, Weaver and Miller are fighting for jobs and these games could be crucial in deciding who advances in the competition.

photos by Tony Dejak/AP


Kyle Baker said...

Furcal 6
Johnson 9
Paul 7
Kemp 8
Belliard 3
Carroll 4
Green 5
Ellis 2
Kershaw 1

Kyle Baker said...

With two SS games played at the same time, how do we manage the GT(s)? Help!

Kyle Baker said...

^ That lineup is vs Brewers.

Kyle Baker said...

This lineup is vs Anaheim:

DeWitt 4
Blake 5
Ethier 9
Ramirez 7
Loney 3
Anderson DH
Hu 6
Repko 8
Knoedler 2
Monasterios, RHP

Steve Sax said...

That Ethier picture looks scary. No one get hurt out there! On either field!

Kyle Baker said...

Where's my MLB At Bat video promised yesterday in several news reports?

Kyle Baker said...

Monasterios: Nope.


Steve Sax said...

Unearned runs, thank to a Nick Green error, for Kershaw. Dodgers down 3-0 to the Brew Crew.

Dodgers had two on and one out in the top of the first but couldn't score...

Kyle Baker said...

Down 3-0 in both games. Whooooaaa, duuuude.*

*By "duuuuude" I mean a gender-neutral form of address to be read with a surfer/stoner's accent.

NicJ said...

I'm not all that worried about the pitching because this is around the time pitchers get dead arm.

The hitting has been terrible. The dodgers still can't hit in certain situations.

Betsy said...

Feels like i'm sitting @ the Angels stadium the way this crowd is making noise

Jason said...

Kershaw helping his own cause with some situational hitting and knocking in a run.

Kyle Baker said...

"It's gone! No, it's high off the wall."

-Steiner again, re: GA blast (almost)

Jason said...

The online stream for the split squad game against the Brewers is using the Milwaukee radio stream. They just used a 5 year old kid to bring us back from a commercial break. I think he nailed it a lot better than Steiner or Collins could have.

Kyle Baker said...

I KNOW THE DODGERS HAVE THE FUCKING DAY OFF TOMORROW, CHARLEY. God damn how many times can you relay this relatively useless information? Wait, make me guess - it's their last day off until the day before Opening Day. Know how I knew that? REPE-fucking-TITION!

Neeebs (The Original) said...

DB: Time to take the meds again.

Josh S. said...

The dead arm thing doesn't really apply to Sherrill. He's been bad all spring.

Kyle Baker said...

As much of a Flat Breezy guy as I have been, I'm really concerned about him now. He ain't shown me shit this ST. If he had a lame, wimpy nickname I'd be calling for his head.

NicJ said...

Well looking over his previous numbers from past spring trainings it looks like he always sucks in ST. Aside from 2008 where his era was crazy low, the numbers he is putting up now look to be on par for his normal spring.

I'm not worried about him.

MeanieBreanie said...

Caught the Dodgers/Angels game at Camelback. It was my first time there. It's such a beautiful stadium! It might have been a closer score if Manny could have made it to the plate fast enough. Both teams made some good plays as well as their share of mistakes. The Angels made the plays when it counted.

I met Andre Ethier's mom as we passed the time in the will call line. She is a very sweet lady. Maury Wills was also there.

Kyle Baker said...


I met Andre's family two seasons ago, too. We were all having some pre-game drinks at the bar area off the Loge Level entrance. You're right - very nice folks. Very down to earth. Might as well have been just another family of fans there to take in the game.

Steve Sax said...

Oh my god why don't you two start an Andre Ethier Family blog and go post that news on that blog?

But, if you want to post it here, might I say it's cool Ethier's fam' is grounded?

Kyle Baker said...

We could call it

Only if we could use one of those widgets you guys experimented with a ways back where I would know what other posts I also might like if I liked that one.