Tuesday, March 30, 2010


  • Do Dodger fans have a reputation? From "Answer Man: Padres' Heath Bell talks toys, conspiracies and Pez" by David Brown at Big League Stew:
    DB: What's the bullpen atmosphere like at Dodger Stadium?

    Bell: We get thrown a lot of beer in that little area. The fans over there do a good job of rattling us. It's their territory. You just want to tiptoe. You don't want to dig your feet into L.A. You just want to tiptoe in, play the game, tiptoe out. Don't tick anybody off.

  • Confirmation, straight from the horse's mouth. From "Timm's Two Cents: Five Minutes with Peter Gammons" at DodgerDugout.com. Nice interview, Robert!
    On the East Coast bias…
    • "Yeah, it’s absolutely true. With west coast games starting so late, and New York being the media hub that it is, the East takes all the headlines."


Josh S. said...

The games don't start late, Peter. They start at a perfectly reasonable time. Why should we be punished because you choose to live in the future?