Thursday, March 18, 2010

STGT: vs. Cubs, 1p

Matt Kemp gets a lucky glove on the ball in yesterday's game.

James Loney after sockin' a dinger.

No comment.


Chad Billingsley starts against the Cubs on Thursday, but two of the relievers that follow him -- Jeff Weaver and knuckleballer Charlie Haeger -- appear to be in a battle for the swingman job Weaver filled last year. Haeger's ability to pitch on consecutive days could allow the Dodgers to keep an 11-man pitching staff and an extra bench player. Manager Joe Torre said Manny Ramirez will make his defensive debut this week, and it could come in this game. Ramirez has been exclusively a designated hitter in games so far.

photos by Tony Dejak/AP


Josh S. said...

No DH today.

Furcal SS
Kemp CF
Ethier RF
Ramirez LF
Loney 1B
Blake 3B
DeWitt 2B
Ausmus C
Billingsley RHP

Steve Sax said...

Wow, that actually looks like a real lineup.

Let's score some runs, boys.

Kyle Baker said...

Manny supposed to get ~4 innings of work at LF.

Josh S. said...

Needs more SONGCO.

Josh S. said...

I tried really hard to find something to like last season, but Eric Collins is...not good.

Josh S. said...


MR.F said...

Who are the two guys on the Dodgers announcing team? Eric Collins and Psycho?

Josh S. said...

Haeger slacks. (I'm overdue for bringing that one back.)

Tied 2-2.

Josh S. said...

I heard the Dodgers go ahead 3-2, but I somehow missed the other 4 runs when it became 7-2.

Ayala pretty much sucks.

Kyle Baker said...

The Collins experiment needs to end.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I have the Dodgers beating the Cubs to play Old Dominion in the next round.

rbnlaw said...

Hey, how come no one is mentioning Guillermo Mota? He of "we're carrying 12 pitchers and Mota right now."

Maybe I should say that no one is complaining about the lack of Mota (the pitcher, not the. . .you know).