Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Notes for a Tuesday

Russell "groin strain" Martin airs it out during practice yesterday. "Chillax": not in his vocabulary.

Chin-lung Hu and Blake DeWitt: brought to you by Oakley®.

Dodger Stadium bus service added (Dodgers.com)

Sunday: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Frank McCourt welcome LA Marathon women's winner Edna Kiplagat.

1&2: Jon SooHoo/Dodgers; 3&4: Juan Ocampo/Dodgers


Greg Zakwin said...

MLB Trade Rumors has a rumor that the Dodgers may trade Hoffmann back for one of Sergio Mitre or Chad Gaudin.

Typical Colletti move. We have plenty of 5th starter options, but yes, let's block any progression from Haeger or Monasterios or McDonald for the mediocrity that is Gaudin or Mitre.

Oh, and tell Lasorda to e-mail me back.

Josh S. said...

"Dammit, Chin-lung! I called Cyclops!"

"I'm Asian Cyclops."

"THERE IS NO ASIAN CYCLOPS! Why do you have to ruin cosplay for me?"