Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eye Chart Released From Dodgers

Garret Anderson, congratulations on becoming the 2010 Dodgers' left-handed pinch hitter:

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Doug Mientkiewicz said his request to be released was denied by the Dodgers, who retain control over the veteran until his opt-out clause takes effect on Friday.

Mientkiewicz said he left camp Friday after manager Joe Torre told him he would not make the Opening Day roster, believing he would be released. Mientkiewicz was offered a coaching position, but said he told Torre that he wanted to keep playing and that Torre told him the club would do "everything we can to help you find a job."

"But the only way to find a team is to get my release," Mientkiewicz said. "They gave Eric Gagne and Angel Berroa their releases. But they won't give me mine because they say if Garret Anderson blows out his hamstring, I'm the pinch-hitter."

Anderson apparently beat out Mientkiewicz for the left-handed pinch-hitter role, although Torre hasn't officially announced that. Mientkiewicz, who signed a Minor League contract, said he accepts having lost the competition.

"I'm not upset at that decision. I'm upset with what's transpired since then," said Mientkiewicz, who batted .292 this spring but whose injured throwing shoulder was a factor in the club's thinking.

With Mientkiewicz' departure, so goes an awesome nickname. Dodgers spell-checkers rejoice.


NicJ said...

So Garrett needs a nickname then.

I nominate G A-gent double zero, GA00, GADZ, or any variation of that.

Or gramps.... Gramperson?

MeanieBreanie said...


I had dinner the other night with a longtime friend who is a former Dodger teammate to you, Dusty, and Orel. I mentioned your blog and this was his reaction:

"Oh my god, Steve Sax is writing a blog? Are you kidding me? He's probably paying someone to write it for him".

Josh S. said...

Is GA really going to keep 00?

MeanieBreanie said...


I realized after I posted that what was said might not have come across in the spirit with which it was intended.

I think our friend was in disbelief more than anything. Let me go on to say that he said some very postive things about you.