Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Perhaps The Greatest March Madness Soundboard Ever

Even without most of the Pac-10 teams playing, this year's NCAA Tourney has had its share of great upsets and highlight-reel games, even on the short road to the Sweet 16. But for those of you who want to relive some of March Madness' best moments, one need look no further than Sports By Brooks, which posted a link to a brilliant Gus Johnson soundboard starring the best vocal-cord-scorching sayings of the March Madness announcing staple:

Make sure you hit "Heartbreak City" and "What A Comeback" down the left hand side, as well as everything on the right side from the first "What A Game" to "Climb The Mountain". And for dessert--don't spoil this by nibbling early--end the feast with the otherwordly "The Catch" (six rows down on the right hand side).

(For those who need video, you can go here for the longform video. Or if you can't sit through the whole thing, just click below (and check out Greg Gumbel's sarcasm before the cutaway)):

Ah yes, March Madness. Love it!


Fred's Brim said...

I actually don't mind Gus, although I don't get to hear him that often. I appreciate his enthusiasm and it seems genuine. The same goes for Dickie V. He makes me tired to listen to, but I don't mind him. Billy Packer on the other hand can go straight to hell. Dumping him was the best move CBS has made in a long time, next to making the kid from Two and a Half Men get a haircut