Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BobblePlans Emerging

From Josh S., in our comments section:

I got an e-mail for 2010 miniplans. The schedule lists an Ethier bobblehead (5/18) and something called a "superhero" for Ethier (7/22), Kemp (7/8) and Manny (6/3) each.

Andre Ethier is getting his long-overdue bobblehead, but what is a "superhero"? Dusty Baker chimes in:

Also, I dug deeper, using my finely-honed detective and research skillz, and noted that the superhero thing that Josh mentioned appears to be a superhero action figure of various Dodgers as a giveaway. So like a Star Wars action figure, except with Kemp.

Guess Star Wars Night was a big hit. Dusty also quotes from a Dodgers e-mail:

"Each plan includes tickets to Opening Day vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks. The All-Star, Gold Glove and Silver Slugger plans each include one Yankee game and the Bobble-Slam plan features all four Bobblehead giveaways and is named in honor of Manny's magical moment on his first bobblehead night in a Dodgers uniform."
Also, they are doing a "55 Since '55" night where one would presume it would be a celebration of the World Champion 1955 Dodgers.

The Dodgers aren't shying away from promoting Manny Ramirez again, and they're celebrating the franchise's first World Series championship. It's only November, but it's not too soon to start wishing for 2010 tickets!


Josh S. said...

The Dodgers and toys: two of my favorite things.

Kyle Baker said...

I smell stocking stuffers.

cc: Mrs. Dusty

Josh S. said...

Bummer, man. Upon further review, the superheroes are kids-only giveaways.

Oh wait! I have a kid! Woo-hoo!