Friday, November 20, 2009

Heyman Makes a Funny?

From Jon Heyman at

Giants. [Johnny] Damon is a target. And [Jason] Bay makes sense, even from a marketing standpoint in that area.

Is Heyman suggesting that one reason the Giants should sign Bay is so they can run WELCOME TO THE BAY AREA ads?

Heyman has a more realistic take on the Dodgers' offseason:

Dodgers. The storied major-market team appears to be looking for innings eaters (yawn!). Whether it's because of their iffy ownership situation or a plethora of arbitration cases -- they have nine -- don't look for L.A. to spend big this winter.

And that's all the conjecture that's fit to print.


Jason said...

I lived in Pittsburgh during Jason Bay's entire career there and there was a large and passionate group that referred to themselves as "Bay Watch" while sitting in left field. They even dressed the part with red swim suits (even in April when the local weather is not what one would call 'beachy') and a giant Pam Anderson poster. Not remotely as large a presence as Mannywood, but it was the Pirates after all.

Orel said...

Very nice. A snappy name is essential to a collective fan following. Hence Jason Bay gets "Bay Watch," Randy Wolf gets "The Wolf Pack" and Manny Ramirez gets "Mannywood." And maybe that's why Joe Beimel gets Troy from WV.

Jason said...

And Doug Mientkiewicz gets the American Academy of Ophthalmology

Amanda said...

When he came to Boston, it was -- wait for it -- "Welcome to the Bay State."

Orel said...

Then Bay should re-sign with the Red Sox. After all, he gets a whole state, not just a puny area.

Josh S. said...

I heard SF already had a large Bay community.

(I may not have heard that right.)

Kyle Baker said...

It's filled w Bays and Dykstras, Josh.