Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Poll: Rematch?

So it's been two weeks. And it still hurts (new 2009 Dodger motto: "Don't Stop Bereavin'"?) that the Dodgers were lucky enough to get a re-match vs their 2008 vanquishers, and failed to capitalize. Broxton in particular was granted a re-match vs his 2008 playoff tormentor (Stairs), and punted. And now he has a new playoff tormentor.

(prepare for a weak segue...)

Now, if it were you, would you grant a previously defeated arch-rival a re-match?

Yes, to prove it was no fluke
No, cuz maybe I just got lucky
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Rob said...

LOL at "Don't Stop Bereavin'"!

JuanLove said...

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bad grammar because i had it translated online

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Pirates get Iwamura

Greg Zakwin said...

JuanLove- He Plaxicoed himself.

Kyle Baker said...

They don't him the Nicaraguan Assassin for noth...aw, never mind. Too easy.

Kyle Baker said...

Vivian Lumps? Sounds like the name of an actress in granny porn.