Thursday, November 12, 2009

3DT3: Round 7

Saved by the Bell!

And by 'Bell', I mean democracy and the fine print rules.

Here's how Round 6 broke down: The Readers collectively voted IV-A-1, which I can only guess was the unintended result of the vote being split between IV-A-2 and IV-D-1. Regardless of why, space IV-A-1 was already occupied. So as per the asterisked small print in the initial rules, the Level with the 2nd most votes kicks in, which was Level II. Alas, spot II-A-1 was also occupied, meaning we go to the Level with the 3rd most votes. Levels I and III were tied, but since I-A-1 was also occupied, the Readers' move defaults to Level III. Thus, III-A-1.

Not the move that was intended I suspect, but hey, works for me. After all, the Writers' disadvantage impacts our moves theoretically half the time.

Also, a note about what we're playing for: last year, to reward you Readers for your C4 victory, you may remember we Sons organized and administered SoSG Baseball (congratulations again, GSoSG!).

This year, if you beat us in 3DT3, your prize will again be the organization and administration of a different off-season competition (still under development).

Play on!:

Round 7: Level?
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Nostradamus said...

Well, that's vexing. Time to make a strategic re-evaluation.

rbnlaw said...

Is there still time to save the Q7 strategy, or do we go all Patagonian on their asses?

Nostradamus said...

OK, I think Quad's strategy is still sound, but we'll have to reverse it because of the Son's alternating level rule.

I propose i-A-4

I think Sons would still be forced to play iii-A-2 or iv-A-2, or else we're back to 3 moves from victory.

Our move would then be ii-B-3, giving us two diagonal victory paths, only 1 of which could be blocked.

Nostradamus said...

On a side note, is a reverse Quad7 strategy a Septuple 4?

Nostradamus said...

iii-a-2 also has an unbeatable solution.

rbnlaw said...

I think I agree, and yes, septuple 4's.

QuadSevens said...

Looks like we're back on the defensive. The Sons have a few spots where their next move will create a must block situation:

-Level IV row A
-4 level horizontal row A (IV-A-1, III-A-2, II-A-3, I-A-4)
-Level II collumn 3

I'm thinking that we should go for III-A-2 now in order to block one of those options and give ourselves a few attacking options. We will still be on the defensive for a bit, but at least we'll have options. Damn those fine print rules!

QuadSevens said...

Mr. C...I think you're right about III-A-2 being unbeatable. Nice catch!

Nostradamus said...

iii-a-2 seems to be getting the votes, let's see if we can't have some electoral plurality this time.

Jimbo said...


Nostradamus said...

This must be what James Clyburn feels like every day.

MR.F said...

Silver Sluggers for the Bison and Ethier!

Nostradamus said...

I'm surprised the Philly OF went 0-fer. I thought one of their guys and one of our guys would get one, in addition to Braun.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Nuts to them. They get the pennant, we get the hardware. That's a fair deal.

Nostradamus said...


Hey, Dag Hammarskjöld, Sorry about that plane crash. At least you've still got that Nobel Peace Prize thing going!