Friday, November 06, 2009

3DT3: Round 3

The Readers take the bottom-front-left corner spot, clearly telegraphing a premature attempt to set-up the standard strong-side Patagonian Gambit. By countering with II-3-B, the Writers easily dismiss the threat.

You gotta do better than that, Readers:

Round 3: Level?
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Round 3: Row?
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Round 3: Column?
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MR.F said...

After a week away from the office, I'm finally back.

ie, I'll be spending more time on SoSG again.

rbnlaw said...

Level 1, row 3, column C

rbnlaw said...

OK, I got the row and column all transmorgified, but you know what I mean.

Looks like they have two ways to go, so there are two ways to block. The way I chose gives us, I think, an attack as well.

Jimbo said...

@ rbnlaw

I was the first to go that route. I'm glad I am not alone.

rbnlaw said...

Great minds and all that, Dr. G.

Josh S. said...

I prefer my gambits Cajun, thank you.

rbnlaw said...

I don't know about Patagonian gambits, but there was this one time, at band camp. . .

rbnlaw said...

Don't know where else to put this, so here:
From DT:
Six front-office employees who were hired by former Dodgers vice president Charles Steinberg were fired. They were public relations officers Mark Rogoff and Drew Merle, vice president of creative services Tom Catlin, graphics manager Courtney Cowsill, fan services and hospitality director Jahaan Blake and supervisor of the Ambassadors program Alyssa Shuman.

No Steinberg = no more DSB or GBA? One can only hope.

MR.F said...

I did what rbnlaw said.

rbnlaw said...

OK, I need Ubragg and Q7 to get in here. If I'm leading the charge, there might be something amiss.

Or, I could just be correct. Who knows?

QuadSevens said...

Your strategy seems good to me rbnlaw. I was wondering when we'd be able to issue an attack and not just play on the defensive.

rbnlaw said...

Now. II,A,1

ubragg said...

I agree rbnlaw, just put in votes for II, A, 1.

rbnlaw said...

I feel bolstered by ubragg's comment.
Patagonian's be damned. We could mount an attack from this position.