Monday, November 09, 2009

2010: More of the Same?

So Joe Torre may be sticking around past next year &mdash guess he can't get enough of that "living hell." And, to the surprise of exactly no one, Manny Ramirez is returning for another season (and $20 million). 2010 is beginning to look a lot like 2009, especially when you consider that any savings from expiring contracts will likely be wiped out by raises, either through arbitration or new deals, for the team's younger players. Of course, this isn't necessarily a bad thing — a third straight NLCS appearance would be nice — but we don't want the Dodgers to become the Braves of the 1990's.

(And if you missed it, here's what happens when T.J. Simers stops trying to annoy people: "Joe Torre, witness to domestic abuse, helps others to manage." A welcome new perspective on Torre.)


JuanLove said...

couple things.

I read on MLBTR that Alberto Callaspo may be able to be be had for AJ Ellis. whoa. i sure hope so

and this.,0,7450454.story

i love to hate Cuban and his Mavs, but man he would be an awesome MLB owner

Josh S. said...

I would love for them to be the Braves of 1995.

MR.F said...

Being the Braves of the 90's wouldn't be that bad, as Josh S. points out.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Also on MLBTR, the head hanchos predict we will land Felipe Lopez, Garland, and Bedard.

I think I'll go shoot myself now.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

We are also not pursuing Aroldis Chapman, and we still could very well land Adrian Gonzalez.

Kyle Baker said...

I heard a good rundown this morning on MLB Homeplate about how AGone is likely not going anywhere. Apparently he has two more years in an exceedingly (compared to his talent and success) inexpensive contract, so SD would likely keep him and build around him, not trade him. To replace his power and run generation, they'd still have to go out and get someone else who would be more expensive. Sounded logical to me.

On the Mark Cuban front, I read that earlier today and thought about it all afternoon. I cant think of a reason not to like it, but I'm sure there may be one.

I like the Braves in the 1990s reference, and it is a point well taken. On the other hand, they won their division every year and game themselves a chance to progress to the WS. That's not a bad way to go about it for teams that don't have Derek Jeter on them, when you think about it...

karina said...

I like the idea of Callaspo wearing Dodger Blue. I commented something on MSTI and i'm crossing my fingers, that's good, young and cheap, besides he'll want to prove himself before the D'backs organization.

If he doesn't wear Dodger Blue next season, i'm gonna say "Culpa de McCourt, yo queria". If you don't know what i mean, check out Vin Scully is my Homeboy. If by any chance you don't know, it means "McCourt's fault, i wanted".

Wonder if Cliff Lee said that sometime.