Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dodgers No Likey Lackey?

Hey, actual baseball news! From Bill Shaikin at the LA Times:

Even with starting pitching as their most pressing need, the Dodgers do not plan to pursue John Lackey, the best starter available in free agency. [...]

[Dodgers president Dennis] Mannion would not say what the Dodgers' payroll might be next season or whether the team made money last season. He noted that the team did not raise prices on season tickets or parking last season and would not do so next season.

"You can't ignore the fact the economy will be level at best for next year," he said. "We're not going to make any outlandish-type decisions in a rough economy."

He said that would rule out Lackey "unless there is an effective way to make that kind of deal."

Disappointing but not surprising. Expect more yammering about needing an ace, but what the Dodgers' starting rotation can really use is more Randy Wolf-type consistency — sans Wolf, who will probably sign with another team. While Chad Billingsley's fate remains unclear — trade bait? Comeback Player of the Year candidate? — I'm hoping Clayton Kershaw can continue to fulfill his destiny as the most exciting homegrown Dodger pitcher to emerge in years. Add to that a couple of rotation-fillers, and 2010's pitching situation is beginning to look a lot like 2009's, just another year older and (hopefully) wiser.


Kyle Baker said...

What is this strange baseball news you speak of?

Can we just get back to Deltalina?

Orel said...

With those FvD lineups, that thread feels more baseball-y than this one.

rbnlaw said...

"This will not lead to a scorched earth scenario like what happened in San Diego." I know I read that somewhere. Can't remember what person in the Dodger organization said it.

Kyle Baker said...

Lincecum wins NL Cy Young? I can't believe this travesty. Surely it should have gone to Derek Jeter.

Greg Zakwin said...

Dusty Baker- Not Jeter, but his leadership, and ability to make others better just by being in the same room as them.

Ken said...

Wainwright deserved that one.
Lincecum had great numbers with an anemic team, I guess that's why he won. Same with Greinke.

DanGarion said...

Bills comeback player of the year? WTF?

rbnlaw said...

According to Daily Dish:
USA Today is reporting that the Dodgers are very interested in acquiring Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay. The Dodgers lack a true ace, and feel that Halladay would solve their problems in the rotation.

However, the Dodgers lack depth in their farm system, and would probably have to bring in a third team to make a deal happen.

The Dodgers could try to include Russell Martin in the deal, but may not be willing to include, say, Andre Ethier or Clayton Kershaw.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today suggests Chad Billingsley would likely have to go in the deal.

So you get an ace, but trade your only day-to-day catcher? This does not make sense. Move Loney? Yes. Martin? Not so much.