Monday, November 09, 2009

Can She Hit for Power?

My new favorite athlete... at least until Rowdy Roddy Piper comes back around.

The Dodgers need to sign this Red Sonja up asap. Imagine what she would have done to Broxton after Game 4.


Anonymous said...

See. The lack of a steroid testing program is the whole reason I don't watch women's college soccer.

Fred's Brim said...

stuff like that is never a one-way street. i bet if you looked at the history of those teams would show dirty play on both sides which built up to that

or evil Mormons killed her family and that was her method of revenge

Green Lantern JBJ of Sector 1138 said...

roddy piper was on always sunny in philadelphia when they wrestled for the troops! good lolz all around