Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Dodgers bringing back all coaches (Dodgers.com)

Mark Cuban says he'd be interested in buying the Dodgers (LA Times)

Dodgers Not Pursuing Aroldis Chapman (MLBTR)


rbnlaw said...

Dodger fans to McCourt:

NicJ said...

Word going around Twitter is that O-dog has the golf glove for 2B in the NL.

So we should have at least two with matt kemp. Unless the just give them to the entire Philly outfield.

Official press release is supposed to come out today.

NicJ said...


stupid Iphone.

Josh S. said...

I understood why it was done at the time, but "Gold Glove 2nd baseman Orlando Hudson benched for the playoffs in favor of Ronnie Belliard" is going to look really bad in the baseball history books.

Nostradamus said...

Thing would certainly get interesting if Cuban bought out Frank, but I'd be concerned about the "Steinbrenner Factor" in that scenario. In my opinion, the McCourts are already a little to involved in on-the-field decisions, and I can't imagine Cuban not being even more, er, demanding.

Pedro Guerrero said...

True Mr. Customer. But, like Steinbrenner and UNLIKE the McDivorces, Cuban spends money to make his team better. Plus, he does spend big money on basketball people, coaches and scouts to help make the decisions. Look at the Mavs before and after he took over. He'd be a welcome to change to the McDivorces.

ubragg said...

I would LOVE to have Mark Cuban buy the Dodgers. If he puts half as much passion and energy into running the Dodgers as he does the Mavs, we will be in great shape.