Friday, November 13, 2009

3DT3: Round 8

Dammit, who came up with the blasted alternating levels rule?

So it seems the Readers got the move they wanted, in a landslide no less. And they do seem to be in an advantageous position. But We the Writers are known for our resiliency, so I'm hopeful we'll come up with something. We ain't dead yet!

Thankfully the weekend comes at the perfect time to give us some breathing room. But first make your move, Readers. Then tune in Monday when the game to continues...

Round 8: Level?
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Round 8: Row?
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Round 8: Column?
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Mr. Customer said...

iii-C-2, and victory will be within our grasp.

Mr. Customer said...

There is no need to block on level iv due to the alternating levels rule. The Sons can't play in iv-A-3 until next turn, and by that time, it'll all be over but the crying.

QuadSevens said...


Looks like we'll be celebrating on Monday.

rbnlaw said...

See, I knew I was not cut out for attack strategy. I've always been defense-minded.

III-C-2 it is.

Dr. Geek said...

Man, I sure hope our closer doesn't choke when it comes to closing this game out . . .

Eric Karros said...

I gotta hire some ballot box stuffers

Mr. Customer said...


First it was spokesmodel push-polling, now voter fraud?

Have you no sense of decency, sir?

rbnlaw said...

In other news; Kung Fat Panda finishes ahead of Kemp in SB Nation MVP balloting.
Proving that most SB Nation bloggers look like Pablo Sandoval.
(I'm guessing the Sons do not)

Mr. LA Sports Fan said...

Hey, you idjits. The Sons are just one move away from winning on IV-3-A. Change your votes, dammit!

Mr. Customer said...


See comment 2.

They can't play there until we've already won.

Mr. LA Sports Fan said...


(slinks back slowly)

Mr. Customer said...

OK, people. Stop with the iv already, or I'm going to run out of real life friends because I'm forcing them vote in this damn game.