Friday, August 08, 2008

SoSG Contributes to Yahoo Sports' Big Ballpark Review of Dodger Stadium

A big thank you to Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo! Sports' "Big League Stew" for asking us Sons to contribute to his Big Ballpark Review of Dodger Stadium, which posted yesterday evening. We were honored and appreciative to have been invited for comments, which were collected from a variety of fans who know the ballpark and offered their thoughts on what's good, bad, unique, and special about the home of our beloved Dodgers.

I'll let you link over to see the rest of the comments (including those from yours truly), but I'll excerpt this one which sums up my thoughts on why I love Dodger Stadium, and Los Angeles in general:

"I've been to over 35 major league stadiums, including 25 current MLB parks, and the reason why I love Dodger Stadium enough to visit 20+ times a year is that the diversity of the crowd reflects the wonderful diversity of Los Angeles like no other venue. I haven't found another cause that can bring all ages, races, income levels, and backgrounds together like a game at Dodger Stadium. When the Dodgers score (which to be fair hasn't been that often this year), it's awesome to see the crowd erupt in harmony, all cheering in unison for their favorite team. And on a summer evening under a cloudless night sky in Los Angeles, along with 56,000 of your closest friends — there is really no better place to be." — SoSG Steve Sax

Thanks for asking us to participate, Kevin, and keep up the great work at Big League Stew!

photo: Getty Images (can you see me there in the crowd on Opening Day?)


Unknown said...

Don't mess with our Dodger Stadium; it is the BEST!!