Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can't Stop Ozomatli

Time for some positive energy. L.A.'s own Ozomatli kicks ass. And thanks to Ozomatli, the Dodgers now have a modern anthem of their own.

From a Dodgers press release:

The Dodgers have made "Can't Stop the Blue" a part of their music montage after they win at Dodger Stadium, immediately following Randy Newman's classic, "I Love L.A."

Go Dodgers Go!


Damon said...

It's a lot better than go cubs go

cigarcow said...

This is disappointing news. They played this the other night before the fireworks and I just wanted them to shut up.

Unknown said...

I like it!! I think it's good news.

Unknown said...

OOPS! I guess I came into an old posting.

Orel said...

That's what she said!