Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Forgotten Stooge

In the wake of Hurricane Manny's hot bat and lazy ass fielding, Casey Blake has proven to be an indispensable pickup... for THE DELINO. Mr. Blake is carrying my award-winning Compton Crotches fantasy baseball squad on his back, and has been as rewarding as Joyce DeWitt was infuriating.

In fact, I picked him up off the waiver wire when was still a member of the Indians, not knowing he'd bring me such unbridled joy on both fronts.

Blake's shored up a third base that had all the job security of a Spinal Tap drummer. Thanks to AutoDraft, I initially got stuck with Beltre, who opted to stop sucking the second I let him go... for DeWitt. Joyce once played like a rock star, until he started playing like a member of Candlebox. Mike Lowell brought much needed life, and then his slumpy week turned into a s--tty month. Alex Gordon, that dude who's name escaping me, etc etc... they've all come and go.

But now? Casey Blake (and his glorious multi-position label) is in the lineup every day, playing as smoothly as that guy who replaced Steve Perry in Journey.

(This is actually the guy. I swear!)


Orel said...

Have you heard that Journey dude sing? They found him on YouTube and he sounds exactly like Steve Perry.