Friday, August 15, 2008

Post-Game 122 Thread: Don't Look Now

...but the Dodgers are currently in the middle of their second-longest winning streak of the year (after winning eight in a row from April 25 to May 3):

date opponent score notes
Aug 11 Phillies W, 8-6
Aug 12 Phillies W, 4-3 come from behind, Ethier walk-off single
Aug 13 Phillies W, 7-6 come from behind, Garciaparra walk-off HR
Aug 14 Phillies W, 3-1
Aug 15 Brewers W, 5-3 come from behind


Steve Sax said...

Dude, this all happened after The Great SoSG Ticket Giveaway. The karma is paying off.

(As is the addition of Manny and Casey.)

Eric Karros said...

Personally I think it's Karina's latest avatar, which is now 5-0.

By the way, between that kitten photo and my new avatar, I question the direction we are going. Should we start linking to this on our sidebar?

Eric Karros said...

Here we go. That's better.

Steve Sax said...

LOL Cats. Yay.