Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Inside Juan Pierre's Locker

Okay, Juan, we get the point. Matt Kemp has 0-fered in three of his last five games. He hasn't scored a run in the last five games. His 0-for-5 performance last night included swinging at the first pitch twice, grounding into a double play once, and a strikeout.

But come on, your voodoo doll is now affecting everyone else. Andre Ethier had an 0-for-5 day in the two slot. Jeff Kent, Russell Martin, and James Loney could all muster only one hit each.

And this is against the Nationals, for pete's sake.

Unstick your pins and stop drinking the Haterade, Juan.

UPDATE 8/27 3p: Well, at least Kemp's day wasn't as bad as A-Rod's. Even Tiger Woods couldn't stick around to watch...