Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Great SoSG Dodger Ticket Giveaway (TM)

After watching the Dodgers' disheartening extra-inning meltdown on Saturday in San Francisco, and then reading about a similar collapse on Sunday (I couldn't bear to watch, but was mortified reading the recap), and then seeing faith restored last night as Jonathan Broxton barely held on to preserve the 8-6 victory over the Phillies, I decided that I need to take matters into my own hands.

What the Dodgers need here is KARMA. And I'm going to get it for them, through generosity and magnaminity.

I have 12 tickets for a Lower Reserve seat (value: either $20 before the day of game or $23 on day of game) that I received as part of my kids' 2008 Blue Crew subscriptions. (They are also good for $20 off an Infield Reserve ($28/$31) or Loge ($25/$30) seat, if you'd rather sit there.) I won't be able to use the vouchers (I'm going to enough games down the stretch run, I assure you), so they are available to any SoSG reader who wants to email me and claim any of them. First come, first serve: ask, and they are yours!

Tickets are valid for the following dates: August 17 (Sunday vs. Brewers), September 1 (Monday vs. Padres), or September 23 (Tuesday vs. Padres). I think it might be tight to try and make that first game, but I can put them in the mail today if you want.

To redeem the vouchers, you have to have the physical voucher and redeem them at the Dodger Stadium Advance Ticket Window (Lot P, Mon-Sat 9a-5p), or at the day of game at any Dodger Stadium ticket booth, beginning 90 minutes before game time. Tickets are subject to availability, but I'm guessing you've got a good shot for these games.

I will need your name and snail mail address, and I'll mail the vouches to you at my postage expense. In return, all I'm asking for is some quick top-of-mind feedback thoughts on what you like / dislike about Sons of Steve Garvey, what we do well and what we can do better, that sort of thing. Send your feedback in the same email (see sidebar for our email address), and I'll confirm via email (or this post's comment thread) to verify.

Keep tabs on this comment thread to see how many vouchers are left.

Good luck, and Go Dodgers!

UPDATE 2p PT: Six of the twelve tickets are spoken for, and I haven't gotten all the way through our emails. If I've emailed you back, your tickets are en route...

UPDATE WED 1.30p PT: All vouchers are tentatively spoken for. Thanks to everybody who responded!

UPDATE THURS: Dodgers' record since the Great SoSG Dodger Ticket Giveaway™ commenced: 3-0.


Steve Sax said...

6 of the 12 vouchers remain...

Orel said...

All gone!