Friday, August 29, 2008

A Look Back at Abes vs Babes

Remember Abes vs Babes? Likely not, I understand. So to recap, last year the Maxim Hot 100 so embarrassed the US Presidents, 18-5-2, that the mercy rule was triggered and the contest was called off this year.

Well, seeking distraction from the Dodgers' recent misfortunes, I decided to take a look at how the showdown would have been shaping up this year. And lo and behold, despite the addition of the mighty Evan Longoria to the Babes' roster, the Abes would be leading the Babes 5 categories to 4:

Cumulative Stats thru 8/28/08:
The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.263 0.249
Runs 434 413
HRs 64 90
RBIs 407 381
SBs 49 31
ERA 4.20 4.03
Wins 71 85
Saves 88 3
Ks 1013 1084
Total 5 4

Conor Jackson (12 HRs, 68 RBIs), Brian Wilson (36 saves), and Randy Johnson (10 Ws, 148 Ks) have been the big dogs for the Abes.

*statistics normalized by AB/IPs.


QuadSevens said...

Hooray for the uplifting post to start this friday. I'm sure I'll be in a perky mood the rest of the day.

karina said...

Eric, Eva or Evan?. Anyway, when i read Evan Longoria, i remembered about a beautiful smile. Thanks for the friday lift-up.

Orel said...

EK, did you assemble this post without laughing? Because I would have been giggling like a schoolgirl cropping pictures of the Presidents' chests.

Rob said...

You misspelled "boobs".

Eric Karros said...

Who said I cropped those photos? Although in retrospect that would've been a great idea. It was not easy finding those presidential chest photos.

And Karina, I meant Evan but really the sentence applies to both Evan and Eva!

karina said...

Indeed, Eric. You definitely gnome what you're talking about.

Orel said...

We've corrupted Karina!

karina said...

Totally. You will have to live with that.