Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Call for More Karma: Off-Day Puzzle Prize #1 Revealed

So we've talked before about how the Dodgers have been in need of some karma before, and you know what, it worked; following The Great SoSG Dodger Ticket Giveaway (TM), the Dodgers pulled off four wins in a row (completing a five-game win streak). It seems that when we give stuff away here at SoSG, good things happen for the Dodgers. So it's time to get the Dodgers karma going again, on the heels of a crushing four-game sweep in Philadelphia...

The winner of the Puzzle Participation Lottery, having participated in the Nostradamus puzzle, was none other than neeebs. And neeebs, here is your prize:

That's right, it's a pair of Shawn Green Dodger batting gloves (child size)! These gloves are already en route to you, as we speak. Congratulations and thank you for participating, and let's all hope that this pays off for the boys in blue (who are playing Washington tonight, so at least we've got that going).

(By the way, for those of you who won tickets in The Great SoSG Dodger Ticket Giveaway, we'd love to get your notes and/or pictures so we can recap your day at Dodger Stadium... except you, LoneyFan; don't jeopardize your finals!)

Next puzzle, Thursday September 4!

SoSG not responsible for items lost in the mail.


Neeebs (The Original) said...

Ok, its not quite the full length, Dodger pool table, and not exactly a game used, Jeff Kent sweat band.

I'd say that the never used (I assume) Shawn Green batting glove (child size) fits somewhere comfortably in between the aforementioned two extremes.

I will try to find a creative way to display my prize and take a photo for the benefit of SoSG and their followers.

Thanks in advance.

Steve Sax said...

You're welcome neeebs!

And don't worry, they're in mint condition, delicately preserved since April 6, 2002!