Thursday, August 07, 2008

$47M Doesn't Stretch As Far For The Dodgers

No, it's not just the weakening dollar. Tony Jackson reported today that Jason Schmidt is done for the year, according to Joe Torre:

Said this morning, before the game, that Schmidt is probably done for 2008.

"Yes, for this year," Torre said. "At this juncture, a lot would have to happen in a hurry for him to be able to pitch for us at this level. He would have to start throwing bullpens (now), and then his rehab probably would take him through the second week of September at this point. I think it would be a long shot."

Before we all start hootin' and hollerin' over the incredible start by the unbelievable Manny Ramirez, and how brilliant the Dodgers' front office is to land such a fearsome hitter and direction-changing force to the lineup--let's all recall how we've spent our money in the past.

Jason Schmidt: 3 years, $47M. If he doesn't play next year, that translates to roughly $2M per inning pitched, or $47M per win (someone please check my math). Someone please stop giving the teenagers the keys to the nice car. This is depressing.


cigarcow said...

You know, insurance covers this contract. So I'm not sure why everyone points to this as a money problem for McCourt. Or am I wrong?

Orel said...

Injury-prone players (e.g., J.D. Drew) are difficult to insure. Not sure if Schmidt falls into that category.

Orel said...

Is the phrase not "a-hootin' and a-hollerin' "?