Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Russell Martin Needs Our Help...Again

Russell Martin adds to his hardware collection, here accepting the Tip O'Neill award for the best Canadian athlete of 2007.

From the LA Times:

Russell Martin, chosen by the fans to be the National League's starting catcher in last summer's All-Star game, ranks a distant fourth in the second week of voting this year.

Chicago Cubs rookie Geovany Soto leads all catchers in the balloting with nearly 600,000 votes, more than twice as many as Martin.

No other Dodger ranks in the top five in voting at his position. Philadelphia second baseman Chase Utley has the most votes of any NL player with 847,628. Balloting closes at 8:59 p.m. Pacific time on July 2.

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Dying to find out more about Russell and the Tip O'Neill award? From Kevin Pearson at Diamond's blog:

Martin said before the game he didn't know much about the [Tip O'Neill] award but the Montreal native was wearing a jock strap with a red maple leaf on it, similar to that of the Canadian national flag.

He said the jock strap was given to him by the equipment people from the Marlins, who previously worked for the Montreal Expos.

photo by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


Alex Cora said...

Ok, that is just WWWWAAAAYYYY too much information.

karina said...

hmmm, it seems canadian baseball players are quirky, check this out:

On a related note to the post: whatever it takes my son to go to the All-Star game

Erin said...

My girlfriend, who is not a big fan of Canadians (long story), says, "If Martin wants to wear a Canadian flag, that's the perfect place for it."

Eric Karros said...

The photo sort of looks like it was taken in front of a blue screen and superimposed over a baseball field.