Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dodgers' 3-1 Win Further Solidifies 16th Place in NL HR

I'll try to keep better running statistics on this, but after today's game (a 3-1 victory over hapless Cincinnati, ending a five-game losing streak), the Dodgers remain at 46 home runs, good enough for 16th and last place in the NL. They remain 3 HR behind Washington and 4 HR behind San Francisco, neither of which homered tonight (nor did the Dodgers).

To further put this in perspective, we have fewer than half as many home runs as the league-leading Marlins and Phillies (tied with 103).

On the other side of the table, our ERA ranks fourth in the NL (behind the Cubs, Braves, and Phillies) at 3.96; however we also lay claim to the 16th-most saves in the NL with 10 (counting tonight's save by Saito; we have one fewer save than the Braves).


Orel said...

Aaron Rowand has 8 HR! Of course, the Giants are stuck with him for five years.

Eric Karros said...

Ironically Sax (sounds like the title for a talk show), I had prepared a graph-post with data similar to what you are stating here. But I'm waiting until at least the all-star break after more games are played to post, as it'll be more telling then.

Given that you had started doing the analysis I had posted about above, we must be on the same posting wavelength.