Thursday, June 12, 2008

Congratulations, Andy LaRoche

Hot on the heels of Blake DeWitt's Rookie of the Month award comes Andy LaRoche, whose home run last night against the Padres earned him "Rookie of the Minute":

For Andy LaRoche, it's all about timing.

After persevering through rehab caused by a freak spring training injury, Andy LaRoche made his 2008 debut a memorable one with a solo shot off of the Padres' Randy Wolf in the fourth inning. That fact was acknowledged on Thursday morning, when LaRoche was selected as Gillette's Rookie of the Minute winner for June 11, 2008, at 7:36pm PT / 10:36pm ET in the National League.

LaRoche beat out the Giants' John Bowker, whose single to shallow right at precisely the same time in Colorado would have otherwise won the award, commonly referred to as the ROTMin1936PT Award.

LaRoche will receive a glossy cardstock Rookie of the Minute trophy, and Gillette will make a donation of one $1.00-off Gillette Fusion ("The World's Most Powerful Shave" (TM)) coupon to a charitable children's-but-post-puberty organization in LaRoche's name.

In all seriousness, welcome back Andy, and congrats on HR #1 last night.

photo: AP/Sandy Huffaker