Thursday, June 12, 2008

David Stern Atones for 2002 Fixing by Decreeing Improbable 2008 Celtics Road Comeback

Sacramento fans, rest easy. Justice has been served. Five years later, you have been avenged.

NBA Commissioner has heard your angry tales of robbery, when the Lakers impossibly beat the Kings in 2002, following an improbable fourth-quarter comeback. After years fo thoughtful consideration, and rumblings from outside the castle from rogue peasant agents, Mighty Commissioner Stern deemed tonight fit for the Lakers to get their just desserts.

And so, the Celtics defeated the Lakers, 97-91.

How else to explain the Celtics' absurd second-half turnaround, to win Game 4 on the road in LA, after Boston once trailed by 24 and was down by 20 late in the third quarter?

NBA Action! It's Fix-Tastic!

And somewhere, Chris Webber smiles.


Eric Karros said...

Before yesterday there hadn't been a similar 24-point 2nd-half road comeback in the NBA Finals since...last Sunday. The difference is the Lakers couldn't close it out (and had less time to do so), and the Celtics could. And I can't say I'm unhappy about it.

However some are basically handing the Celtics the championship now, but I wouldn't count the Lakers out just yet.

Steve Sax said...

Neither would David Stern.