Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fist Bump, Hip Bump, Post Bumped

Not much more I can add to this great "historical" video about "The Evolution of the Fist Bump":

No, I do have more to add. Yahoo Sports has added its two cents by trying to ban the "hip bump", which the 2008 Dodgers employ after victories:

Seems like you can't watch any MLB game these days without seeing the kids marking a win by jumping into the air and colliding into each other like a bunch of kids on a swingset.

Now, I didn't particularly like it when I first saw it early in the season, but I figured I'd warm up to it. But almost halfway into the season, my dislike of the hip bump has grown into an intense hatred that is threatening to surpass any pregame dance ever done by Ray Lewis.

That's why I'm volunteering to head the effort of convincing commissioner Bud Selig to issue a unilateral ban on any mid-air celebration collisions if they do not involve an outstretched slapping of the hands, a la the ending of the Super Bowl Shuffle.

My top...reasons for ridding the world of the hip bump:


1. The Cubs are the leading culprits. After almost every win, the Cubs' outfield converges in shallow centerfield for a tri-bump. With two of those outfielders — Kosuke Fukudome and the already sore-hamstringed Alfonso Soriano — most likely starting in the All Star Game, is it really wise to extend the window of injury risk past the final out? Since these are the Cubs we're talking about, this is clearly a tradition that will only end in tragedy.

Hey, what about us Dodgers? Perhaps the Dodgers weren't mentioned since we only have ~75% of the Cubs' wins.