Monday, June 30, 2008

Poll: Keeping Up With The Jones

Assuming Andruw Jones does indeed return to the lineup in time for some Carne Asada, I'm going to set the following modest goals for him over the last 68 games of the season:

  • Hit 8 HR's (for a season total of 10)
  • Knock in 25 runs (for a season total of 32 RBI's)
  • Bat 0.230 (which would end his season ~0.205)
  • OBP 0.280
  • SLG 0.350

So I am wondering...if the baseball Gods magically appeared and gave you the opportunity to lock in these numbers for Jones' 2nd half now, or let his season play out as it will, what would you do (let's say keeping him benched is not an option)?:

If you could, would you lock in the above numbers now or let Jones play out his season?
Wow, those number exceed my wildest dreams - lock 'em in!
His career SLG is 0.492. Now that he's healed he can do way better than 0.350 - let him play it out!
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QuadSevens said...

I voted to let him play it out, but not because of his career SLG percentage. I want him to play and continue to struggle at the plate. I want the Dodgers faithful to continue to boo him everytime he bats. Hopefully the Dodger brass will hear it enough and finally wake up and realize Andruw Jones was a bad investment. Then someone will either tell Jones to lose some weight, or just flat out release him. Let's face it, nobody will trade for him.

cigarcow said...

I don't know what I want from him anymore, but I definitely would not lock in those crappy numbers. He could get hot now that the weather is more to his liking. Right?

karina said...

What annoys me the most, it's the youngsters sitting because he's returning to the the team, so i guess we should wish he could be 2007 Andruw Jones, at least.