Friday, June 13, 2008

Furcal Told to Cease Baseball Activities; Dodger Fans to Cease Hoping for Wins

Well isn't this crappy. From Bill "Whole Lotta" Shaikin at the LA Times:

Dodgers' Rafael Furcal told to cease baseball activities

The Dodgers have told shortstop Rafael Furcal to cease all baseball activities, raising the possibility his recovery from a back injury could extend well into July.

"He's gotten a little frustrated," Manager Joe Torre said.

The Dodgers officially list the injury as soreness in the lower back, but Torre confirmed the specific diagnosis is a bulging disk. Dr. Robert Watkins, the back specialist who examined Furcal this week, advised the Dodgers to halt Furcal's baseball activities and limit his workouts to conditioning and strengthening exercises.

"The strength needs to be at a higher level to protect him long-term," Dodgers athletic trainer Stan Conte said.

Conte said Furcal has played with a bulging disk earlier in his career. Before this season, Furcal never had been put on the disabled list because of a back injury.


Eric Karros said...

Was it just Furcal or the entire Dodger offense that was supposed to cease baseball activities?