Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dodger Dogs Under Assault from New York Times

The New York Times' east coast bias hit new lows recently, as they have taken the Dodger Stadium classic Dodger Dog to task for being all hype and no...er...meat.

A New York Times reporter went to 12 stadiums to review the food choices and operations, and the Dodgers did not fare well with its fare (my emphasis added):

Not all my food adventures were so lucky. The Dodgers recently spruced up the field-level concourse at Dodger Stadium with a brighter airport-style, Barnes & Noble vibe. They added two worthy vendors: Ruby’s Diner, where I sampled an excellent pair of sliders with beef jus and horseradish, and Canter’s Deli, arguably one of the best Jewish delicatessens in the country.

But those spots are only available to holders of expensive field-level tickets; the concession stands in the upper seats were dreary at best. The trademark Dodger Dogs were contemptibly bad (salty, greasy and tepid), and a large cup of Miller Lite was overpriced at $12.25.

Wow, he pummels the Dodger Dogs, and even criticizes the elitism underpinning the new field level concourse (inaccessible to the masses, but delicious to those that can afford the pricey seats)? Perhaps he hadn't found the secret urinal rooms. But hey, we totally agree with the overpriced beer; SoSG will pick up that crusade in a second!

And we totally agree with him on the Fairfax sandwich from Canter's, by the way. We've enjoyed that for years outside the stadium; it's a real treat to get one inside the ballpark, too.


Orel said...

Contemptibly bad? Like it insults you when you try to eat it?

Erin said...

There's always the chance that they didn't get a grilled dog. Although, whoever wrote this probably did sit at field level, where you can only get grilled dogs, so I guess they don't understand that hot dogs are not gourmet. They're supposed to be greasy and awesome. They're not health food.

Orel said...

It's all about context. If I got a Dodger Dog at Carney's, I'd be worried.