Monday, June 16, 2008

Paging all NNEERRDDSS!

Unlike Friday Night Light's irascible Buzz Bissinger, the Dodgers love their bloggers, occasionally plying them with luxury box tickets, face time with the owners, and massive sandwiches! And now, they want more of us.

I'd encourage all our readers to take the opportunity and start their own blogs, but I'm pretty sure EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU already does. (Except for one blonde Italian friend of mine out of NYC). And am I the only one who tried to find the site "touch 'em all" and accidentally wound up on "To Catch a Predator?" (Out of fairness to Ms. Milano, the real site is here)

PS The De-lino was actually in De-Troit. Would have posted more, but Palm Treo c-blocked me. (Look for my next posting: "Delino Gets a Palm Centro!") I also hit Cleveland, Pittsburgh and, in an act viewed as a sacrilege to the baseball season, the Football HoF. Details to come.