Sunday, June 01, 2008

Five Things Worse Than the Dodgers Right Now

1. The Rockies.






Alex Cora said...

The cheese in the drawer of my fridge that has been there for a year and a half.

Steve Sax said...

Mark Sweeney (individually; this merits a separate mention).

Pedro Guerrero said...

Signing Mark Prior to a contract, any contract.

cigarcow said...

4. The smell coming out of the microwave right now. People shouldn't cook certain foods at work. I'm looking at you, Thai food eaters.

Dusto_Magnifico said...

hmmm.... thai food....

2. San Diego Padres.

3. San Fransisco Gnats.

4. Seattle Mariners.

5. Rosie O'Donnel is fat...

QuadSevens said...

2. Roseanne Barr performing nightly at the Sahara in Las Vegas.
3. All "reality" television.
4. The Orangethorpe parking lot exit at Angel Stadium.
5. Gas prices.