Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yankees Can Brown-nose with the Best

A few days ago we pondered the significance of the extra $194 tacked onto the Yankees' successful bid to negotiate with Japanese pitcher Kei Igawa. The answer, from this week's Sports Illustrated:

The Yankees won the rights to the 27-year-old with a $26,000,194 bid—the last three digits a tribute to his league-leading strikeout total last season. He has yet to sign with the Yanks, but nonetheless he's ready for the Sox: "I'm looking forward to having a pitching duel with Matsuzaka."


Steve Sax said...

I thought it was because the Yank-Me's believed Igawa would appreciate the fact that 194 is the smallest number that can be written as the sum of three squares in five ways (as well as the fact that it is also the smallest Markov number that is neither a Fibonacci number nor a Pell number).

At least that's what Cashman told the New York Post, so I've heard.

Orel said...

You sound like Paul DePodesta.

Steve Sax said...

That's because I AM Paul DePodesta.

Oh wait, I'm Steve Sax.