Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Giants Nab Klesko, Continue All-Veteran Crusade

MLB.com reports that The Giants just signed Ryan Klesko to a one-year deal.

Klesko, 35, was the starting first baseman for San Diego from 2000-2003, but has also spent considerable time in left field and right field. He played in only six games last year due to a strained left shoulder, but posts a lifetime .280 batting average. He hit 0 home runs last year, 18 in 2005 and nine in 2004.

Klesko will join fellow geriatric position players Barry Bonds (42), Omar Vizquel (39), Rich Aurilia (35), Ray Durham (35), Dave Roberts (34), Bengie Molina (32), Randy Winn (32), and Pedro Feliz (31). Editor's note: those are players' ages, not uniform numbers. San Francisco spent $16-20M to get Bonds back for this year, and has dropped another $71M to secure Aurilia, Durham, Feliz, Molina, and Roberts. Terms of the Klesko contract were, unsurprisingly, not announced.