Thursday, December 07, 2006

Why Bonds Visited Orlando: Winter Meetings' Snazzy Logo, Fabulous Parting Gifts

I had been racking my brain trying to figure out the true reason for Barry Bonds' visit to this year's Winter Meetings in Orlando, until I started doing some snooping around. And then I saw this snazzy logo, custom-made for the event:

...So maybe Barry needed a couple of new logo t-shirts? (Clearly, there is someone with mad Napoleon Dynamite-like graphic artist skillz in the Orlando Visitors and Convention Bureau.) Apparently, they sell enough t-shirts for this event, that even Bank of America would want to sponsor it:

(as if there wasn't enough money flying around these meetings to fund an event like this in the first place).

But then I found this link, which has the real motivation for Barry's attendance:

This year's convention gift, provided to fully-registered attendees, is a beautiful executive briefcase. Be sure to pick up your Gift before heading to the Baseball Trade Show, where you'll also have the opportunity to pick up a variety of premium items from participating exhibitors.

Maybe Barry needed a new attaché to complement his wardrobe ensemble?