Friday, December 29, 2006

The Garv Scores at Least One Hall of Fame Vote writer John Heyman details which players did and didn't receive his Hall of Fame votes his year. Among the former Dodgers mentioned:

My Hall of Famers

Steve Garvey. A consummate winner, at least during his playing days.

Close but not quite

Tommy John. The man lasted forever....He was not among the best often enough during those 26 years, though.

Orel Hershiser. An excellent pitcher who was the best in the world in 1988.

Nice careers, small consideration

Devon White. One of the greatest center fielders ever....He only received MVP votes one time in 17 seasons, however.

Eric Davis. A great talent who just wasn't a star long enough.

Obvious one-and-outs

Bobby Bonilla. His status as the highest-paid player at one time is testament to timing and former superagent Dennis Gilbert's skill, not Bonilla's.

Love that last line. As for "at least during his playing days"...ouch.