Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Red Sox Covet More Former Dodgers?

Now that the Red Sox have finally bagged themselves Matsuzaka (pending a physical, for a reported six-year, $52M deal), reports that they may be interested in Chan Ho Park as their closer.

Park, who earned $15M last year for the San Diego Padres (7-7, 4.81 ERA), pitched eight seasons for the Dodgers and posted a 80-54 record before joining the Texas Rangers. He has 0 saves in his 12-year career. My most vivid memory of Chan Ho Park (besides the karate kick he gave to Tim Belcher back in 1999) was a comment from 710AM's Joe McDonnell. McDonnell (now with 570AM) described Chan Ho as having "the heart of a butterfly," remarking about Park's ability to completely cave in at the first sign of struggles on the field.

Why you would want someone like that as your closer is beyond me. But hey, I suppose it's consistent with former-Dodger-turned-Red-Sock JD Drew!


Orel said...

When does $100M equal $52M?

Steve Sax said...

When it's added to $51.1M in posting "fun money," I assume.

Somewhere in Seibu, an accountant exhales.

Somewhere in Newport Beach, Scott Boras lights another cigar.