Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jayson Werth, You're a Wiener!

Sorry for the headline. I'm trying to combine two short nuggets into one story, saving time, effort, and energy--and therefore not contributing to global warming. SoSG is nothing if not environmentally responsible.

First, Jayson Werth looks like he has found a new home with the Philadelphia Phillies. Terms were not announced, but it's in the Philly Inquirer. Werth played hurt in 2005 with a wrist injury, batting .234 with seven HR and 43 RBI. Werth struggled through rehab throughout 2006 with the same injury and the Phils are taking a chance that he can come back. Here's hoping if the fans throw batteries at Werth in 2007, that he'll at least be wearing a wrist guard.

Second, AOL's cityguide has posted a poll for the place with the best hot dogs in Los Angeles, and Dodger Stadium is on the list. Since Jon Weisman described his choice on DT, I thought I might add that I voted for Carney's, which I suppose is sacrilege for a Dodger fan--and I do eat a lot of Dodger Dogs (roughly two a game). However, I felt I had to give the edge to a place open year-round. (And there's chili at Carney's. And the beer is cheaper there than at Dodger Stadium.)

I used to live in walking distance to Pink's, the other LA hot dog staple, and I agree with Weisman that I always thought it was overrated food despite being a fun experience. The long queue up the block always befuddles me, though. The last time I went to Pink's, though, I looked up at a fan that was placed over the food, and there was so much oil and condensed steam caked onto the rusted fan grill, that a brownish liquid was dripping back down into the food areas. That sort of did it for me.

UPDATE (1p PST): According to FoxSports.com, the Jayson Werth deal is supposedly for one year and $850K, with an additional $150K in performance incentives.


Orel said...

I voted for Carney's too. Take a Dodger Dog out of Dodger Stadium and suddenly it's a lot less appealing.

Lasorda said...

Mmmmmm. Brownish liquid. . .