Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boras Forces Clients Into Deathmatch

6-4-2 notes Johnny Damon has been named League Commissioner of the Professional Baseball Video Game League (or Professional Baseball Gaming League, or Pro Baseball Gaming League, depending on where you're looking on their homepage).

In the PBGL (shouldn't it be the PBVGL?)...

...some of pro baseball’s best players will battle online against each other and their fans.

Baseball player participants include the Dodgers' Derek Lowe, Craig Hansen, Julian Tavarez (no word on whether he will be allowed to throw at fans), Matt Holliday, Willy Taveras, Prince Fielder (specialty: Pac-Man), Josh Barfield, Corey Patterson, Rodrigo Lopez, Seth McClung, Mike Pelfrey, Luke Hochevar (specialty: Grand Theft Auto) and Dallas McPherson—all clients of Scott Boras' agency.

Not coincidentally, one of the league's partners is Boras Marketing. Can you imagine how Boras recruited his players?

    SCOTT BORAS: Hey Derek, remember Space Invaders?
    DEREK LOWE: Sure, we used to play it all the time as kids.
    BORAS: Great, I'll sign you up. [click]
    LOWE: Huh?
    BORAS: Hello, Johnny Damon? How would you like to be the new Bud Selig?

Have fun, Derek, getting your ass kicked at Gears of War by some 12-year old. Just don't let it affect that other game you play.