Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Comment of the Week

Congratulations to Robert Daeley from The Trolley Dodger, the winner of our inaugural Comment of the Week:

Likewise, I'm sure! ;) Very much digging your Sons site as well. Keep up the great work!

Robert's prize is (checks sidebar) fame (in the form of us linking to his site, notoriety (Have you ever seen Robert Daeley and Bob Daly at the same time?) and adoration from others (see "Contributors" sidebar box).

Thanks, Robert!


Anonymous said...

Is it bad form to comment on a post in which you are awarded for Best Comment? ;)

Thanks a lot guys -- if I had known about this, I would have worn a nicer outfit!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and since the offer is unavailable in Canada, would I have to make some sort of special arrangements with the State Department if I were to travel there?

Orel said...

Actually, Robert, you're required to write an acceptance speech. We'll also be sending an artist over to get your likeness right for the bronze plaque.

And don't worry about traveling to Canada—just show your bronze plaque at the airport and they'll let you through.