Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Desperate Dodgers Determined to Deny Diamondbacks?

MLB Trade Rumors reports the Dodgers, Padres and Angels may have joined the Diamondbacks in the hunt for Randy Johnson:

From the Dodgers' point of view, their interest in Johnson may only be in keeping him away from division rivals. Perhaps a starter would go back to New York in such a deal.

Again, is it worth trading for a 43-year-old pitcher as a defensive measure? I hope the Dodgers would be able to find a better use for Brad Penny.

In other NL West pitching news, MLB Trade Rumors (once again) says there's a report the Giants have offered Barry Zito a four-year deal, speculating, "That would have to be at least $70MM."

Could the Giants' being rejected by Soriano, Pierre and Mathews end up benefiting their starting rotation? Stay tuned—Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus writes Zito is expected to choose a team in the next ten days.


Anonymous said...

Hi - Will Carroll here. I never said 4/70. Email me if you'd like to talk.